Turning Pointe Dance Studio welcomes students of all ages, experience, and ability. We offer many styles of dance allowing students to choose classes that appropriately suit their individual goals. We believe that dance benefits our children and ourselves in many ways such as increasing self-discipline, focus, agility, flexibility, spacial awareness and strengthening motor skills. Our staff is excellent and highly qualified! Age is to be used only as a guideline. The Artistic Director and instructors will make final decisions on class placement to ensure each child is in the appropriate dance class.

Each class provides a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. All students receive the opportunity to perform in our annual Spring Showcase. We offer classes in 3 spacious, air conditioned, fully equipped studios with sprung dance floors which are essential for injury prevention

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Creative Dance PreSchool





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A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement and positions. Ballet is a beneficial way to gain strength, agility, and self-discipline. A typical ballet class consists of barre and centre work to classical piano music.




Part of the classical ballet technique allowing the ballet dancer to support all body weight on the tips of the fully extended feet. Extensive training is required to achieve success.

Turning Pointe Dance Studio Faculty believes in a conservative approach when it comes to pointe work. Students are required to enroll in at least two ballet technique classes per week and two pointe classes per week at Turning Pointe Dance Studio to be considered for pointe. No student will be allowed to go on pointe until they have at least 4 years of serious and adequate classical ballet training. Turning Pointe Dance Studio’s instructors reserve the right to take any student off of pointe for reasons such as insufficient number of ballet classes per week, excessive absences, physical limitations, or lack of motivation. Beginner pointe dancers will not present a pointe dance in our spring performances.




A street dance style that allows for a wide range of styles to be incorporated.  While elements of the dance are choreographed, there is an element of improvisation as well. It includes a wide range of funky and energetic styles such as breaking, locking, and popping.




Jazz is a form of dance that showcases a dancer's individual style. This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.  Music can range from pop, show tunes, musical theatre, hip-hop and more.

Improv & Collaborative Choreography

In this class students will work on finding their own unique quality of movement through improvisation and Gaga techniques. With this as a basis we will work together to create a piece that attempts to encompass the movement qualities and ideas of all the dancers. Come ready to explore, break out of your comfort zone in movement, and create!


Dance Conditioning


A class designed for dancers to cross train their bodies properly and safely. The focus is on injury prevention, strengthening core, ankles, back, and other dance related muscles. Our goal is to create long lean muscles and keep our dancers healthy and strong.

Barre Sculpt


Barre Sculpt is a full body workout that combines low impact cardio, dance, pilates, and strength training to burn fat while lengthening, toning, and tightening muscles. Exercises are set to music, done at the barre, in the center, and on the mat using light weights, balls, and bands.

Hip-Hop & Tap Fusion


A form of dance for boys and girls that is based on the characteristics of tap, hoofing, and hip-hop but in a more free and funky way! Students create rhythms using tap shoes as percussion. Music with a heavy beat and hits of today will be used for  this fun dance class! No experience is necessary and street clothes can be worn to class!



Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. It allows the dancer to be expressive.

Adult Dance Exploration


Have you always wanted to dance but aren’t sure where to start? This class combines different genres of dance for adults looking to move their body freely through a structured warm-up, improv, and a choice genre of the month. Leave class feeling confident, energized, and more connected to your inner dancer!

Flexibility for Dancers

A class specifically for trained dancers focused on increasing their range of motion while remaining conscious of activating the correct muscles and controlling proper technique. The goal of this class is to create safe and functional mobility that is sustainable while dancing. This class is primarily focused on deep stretching therefore, it is suggested it be taken after a dance class when muscles are warmed-up.

Acro Dance

Acrobatic Dance combines the skills and technique of dance and acrobatics to create an athletic, emotional expression. Using safe progressions students will practice limbering, tumbling, balancing, strength and flexibility and fuse it all together using dance. Instructor, Ariana Romano, is trained and certified through Acrobatic Arts and uses their progressional levels to create a safe and fun environment in the Acro Dance class. Levels 1-5 will be used to place students in a class that is safe and challenging where they feel that they can master their progressions in the five divisions of Acro Dance.



A form of dance characterized by the sounds of special shoes creating sounds and rhythms on the floor.

Floor Barre


Floor barre is designed to increase flexibility, coordination, strength and control, and improve technique. It will also lengthen and strengthen muscles, build core, hip, and foot control, and improve body alignment and balance.

Body Conditioning


Body Conditioning classes are a revitalizing body workout combining stretches, dance yoga, and low-impact aerobics. Classes are an excellent way to get in shape and to gain flexibility, strength, and lean muscles.  The focus is on injury prevention, strengthening core, ankles, back, and other muscles. Our goal is to create healthy and strong bodies. No experience is needed!

Private Instruction


Private dance lessons are available upon request. Contact the studio for scheduling and pricing.


Family Yoga for Toddlers and Beyond

Caregiver & Child (New walkers to preschoolers) 

Yoga for toddlers to preschool age children that combines the use of music, games, storytelling and play with simple yoga poses to teach self-awareness, sensory and motor skill development, and social interaction.   We will also explore methods of calming ourselves through movement and breath. 



This class will be an informative hour discussing and learning topics such as Dance History, Dance Culture, Ballet Vocabulary & Terminology and much more. It will be lead by multiple Turning Pointe Faculty members as well as guest speakers. 

This class will be one time per month for 6 sessions over the course of the school year. These classes are mandatory for Intensive Division. All TPDS dancers and parents are invited to these lectures free of charge.

Creative Dance for preschoolers

Children will learn the fundamentals of dance combining styles of ballet, tap and jazz. This fun, energetic and creative class will inspire children to gain a passion for dance. They will use imagination and props. They will focus on spatial awareness, strengthening gross and fine motor skills, as well as rhythm and balance.

Move With Me for ages 2-3


Children will explore movement through imagination, music, and props. This class will offer our youngest students an introduction to dance class with the option of having their adult by their side or participating with them. They will focus on spatial awareness, strengthening gross and fine motor skills, as well as rhythm and balance while building confidence and having fun! 

Stretch, Strength, & Stability

This class focuses on basic weight training combined with functional exercises that will help promote overall muscle strength and endurance. Participants will work all major muscle groups using weights and / or bands while proper form is emphasized. Low impact cardiovascular challenges will help improve overall heart fitness. Gentle stretching and core and back exercises will improve flexibility, balance, and posture. This class is designed for all levels, men and women with an emphasis on our 60+ clients.

Summer Program

We offer a fun filled and focused summer of ballet programs. There are courses for the youngest beginner, to the experienced student dancer and through to adult dance classes.







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Hip Hop


Dance Conditioning