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Turning Pointe En Dehors

Turning Pointe Dance Studio presents Turning Pointe En Dehors, a community dance project where guest dancers will provide short pop up performances at several outdoor community venues and nature spots throughout Falmouth and beyond. Performances will include creative and eclectic pieces by distinguished choreographers as well as remarkable local talent. The goal of this project is to provide free live entertainment. Live performance is vital to the pulse of our community and we are pleased to offer such to our community. We also hope it will help to draw business to our local small businesses. This project also provides performance opportunities for our dedicated dance students to show off their craft and passion. We hope our efforts provide optimism and hope for the future. En Dehors is a French term meaning outdoors or outside. En Dehors is also a ballet term for a kind of pirouette that is executed by turning outward. 

Our mission is to foster and create additional beauty, arts, and culture into our already wonderful community by taking advantage of our beautiful landscapes of Cape Cod. 

Look for surprise performances throughout our community beginning this Spring. 


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