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While Turning Pointe Dance Studio does not consider themselves a “competition school” we do however participate in select professional ballet competitions that offer scholarships and opportunity for students with aspirations of becoming professional dancers. Our Mission with our competition program is not to win awards but to help advance the careers of our young dancers. Those competitions may include Youth America Grand Prix, Connecticut Classic, as well as others.  Dancers are carefully selected by Turning Pointe Dance Studio faculty. This program is by invitation only. 


Dancers that compete must fulfill all Intensive Division requirements (see Intensive Division) plus the following additional requirements:


-They are required to take a Contemporary dance class, a Jazz dance class, Floor Barre, and either Dance Conditioning, Flexibility, or Body Conditioning in addition to their ballet requirements. 


- Dancers will also meet with the Artistic Staff to discuss a more individualized schedule plan and follow their recommendations which may include additional private lessons and added ballet classes with lower or higher levels to properly prepare them for the high demands of our competition program.


- Dancers are expected to attend all weekend and evening rehearsals. The time, passion, and commitment that goes into being part of this program is intense. Dancers may need to sacrifice vacation time and other leisure activities. Rehearsals begin in July and will continue weekly until all competitions are complete. 


-Dancers and Parents are asked to trust TPDS staff in regards to all choices and decisions made. TPDS artistic staff will choose classical variations, contemporary choreographer and choreography, music and costumes for each dancer. The teachers and choreographers selected to work with our dancers are among the finest and most experienced available. They are selected because of their professionalism and knowledge of what is technically and emotionally right for our students. Choreography is a creative and artistic process. The faculty of TPDS do not believe in creating something based on the difficulty level or based on how hard or challenging it is but more so how it will feature and compliment the dancer. Our goal is to have a fine balance of challenging the student to grow artistically and technically through the process but not look awkward or uncomfortable onstage. There may be times when a dancer wishes they were given different choreography, a different choreographer, a different type of music, a different costume… but this is when trust is a must! Our staff spends numerous hours discussing the best options for each dancer. We bounce ideas off of each other as a team and come up with the best end product. Remember, we want you to look your best too!


- Our competition program is a privilege that dancers and their parents must appreciate and respect. Participation in the program is restricted to dancers who are ready to make achieving their personal best a priority. Dancers are to be as dedicated to their academic studies as they are to their dance training. If participation in this program affects your grades or the expectations and goals set by your parents, we cannot allow you to continue in the program.


-  Competition dancers are expected to respect our school, its teachers, and its choreographers. They must present themselves in a professional manner at the studio as well as at competitions. They must support each other, this includes parents. They must carry themselves in an utmost respectful, friendly, and kind manner with fellow students at our studio as well as students from competing schools. Gossiping and poor attitudes will not be tolerated. 


-Competition dancers are responsible for learning all recital choreography notes and material missed in their regular dance classes due to being away at competitions. Being at a dance competition is not to be used as an excuse for not knowing what you missed. Remember that being asked to compete as a soloist is a privilege that many students wish they could do. You will be expected to set a good example to other students by putting the extra time in. 


-Competitors must understand that someone else’s successes do not prevent you from succeeding. It might not be your time yet but your time will come and you should focus your energy on being ready for your moment.

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Competition Fees:


-$750 Contemporary Choreography fee. This fee is paid directly to the choreographer. This includes up to 10 hours of rehearsal time with the choreographer. Rehearsals spent with a separate teacher other than the choreographer will be charged $60 per hour. This is why it is important for students to put some of their own time in. If we feel it needs extra rehearsal time before going onstage you will be charged for the teacher’s time. 


-$70 per hour for Classical Variation rehearsal time. This will vary between 15-25 hours from start to finish. Time is tallied up every two weeks and you will see it reflected on your statement as “Classical Competition Rehearsals”.


-Competition participation and registration fees can be anywhere between $200-$350 per competition. TPDS Artistic Director will complete all registering and parents are responsible for reimbursing Turning Pointe for all fees.


-Pointe Shoes- Parents should be prepared to purchase more than usual while considering the safety and proper technique of their child.


-Accommodations- Parents are responsible for booking all of their own travel and accommodations. They will be responsible for costs associated with hotel accommodations of one coach/teacher for one night that will be split between the competing families attending that particular venue.


-Costume fees- Circumstances will vary. 

$50 per costume rental fee for alterations and cleaning of a current TPDS costume.

$100 rental fee for classical costumes being newly designed. 

These costumes will remain property of TPDS. These professionally created tutus range from $500-$1500. A $100 rental fee is minimal and quite an honor to get to wear something so special. 


-Contemporary solo costumes will be purchased outright by parents. Parents will be responsible for covering the cost of what the costume costs and they will get to keep the costume. These range between $100-$250.

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