"After moving cross country in 2012 we found a hidden gem at Turning Pointe Dance Studio.  Laura Faria Sciortino has used her impressive background as the foundation to create a truly amazing dance program.  Her professionalism shows in absolutely everything she does and the result is top rate performances and dancers who have been given the tools necessary to move closer to their dreams of becoming professional themselves.  There is a place for any type student within Turning Pointe's system, complete with demanding, supportive and just plain fun learning.  I would highly recommend Turning Pointe and Laura Faria Sciortino to all aspiring dancers on or around Cape Cod."  - Maria Foley



"When my daughter wanted to take ballet lessons, I sat in on classes at 4 dance studios to evaluate quality of dance instruction, kindness of teachers, and positive attitudes of older dance students. I chose Turning Pointe because it met my expectations and exceeded them. My daughters have been taking classes at Turning Pointe for about 8 years.They have received the highest quality dance instruction. They have learned responsibility. They have worked hard toward goals. They have worked hard as team players (even though they may not have been dancing in their desired roles). And, they have made good friends with fellow dancers. The positive structure of dance has helped support them when they have gone through difficult times. And at the end of the day my girls look forward to dance for the camaraderie, and when they come home they feel strong, successful, tired, and rejuvenated."  - Lezlie Rocka



"Laura is a consummate professional. In addition to being a tremendously skilled dancer and teacher, she  has a natural ability to direct both the students AND parents in a kind but firm manner. The atmosphere in the studio is both professional  (no time is wasted, classes begin and end as scheduled) and enjoyable. The older students who assist Laura are especially inspiring to the younger dancers.  My daughter LOVES her ballet class and she has learned SO MUCH about dance."   - Deb Coulombe


"As a school teacher, I recognize that Laura understands the importance of a balance between high expectations, positive reinforcement, and enjoyment.  Laura Sciortino is a role model, as are her older students, who foster aspirations for the younger students, such as Hannah.  Our daughter has improved by 'leaps and bounds,' both literally and figuratively, since her first year with Miss Laura!" - Lynne Buscher 



“Laura - you have given your students so much more than the gift of teaching their bodies to sing. You have taught them dedication & perseverance. To develop themselves to their full potential, regardless of what others' are saying or doing, all while working in unison with a variety of dancers. What a precious gift!” - Donna Dragos 



“Laura is not only a talented and accomplished ballet dancer, she is also a gifted teacher who is comfortable working with preschoolers, adults, and every age in between.  She always individualizes instruction, and improves the skills of all of her students, from basic beginners to advanced dancers, with patience, kindness, and enthusiasm.  She has been a wonderful role model for my children.” – Anne Edgar

Dance Photography by Meredith

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