COVID- 19 Protocols

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While our 2020-2021 dance year will look different, Turning Pointe Faculty is committed to making it safe and successful. The safety and  health of our students is our top priority. We will be embracing this new normal with strength, dedication, and passion. 

COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Guidelines

Revised: November 6, 2020


  • All teachers and staff will be provided face masks and are required to wear them to teach both indoors and outdoors.

  • At this time Turning Pointe Dance Studio is requiring all students, staff, and any family members to wear masks inside the building and studios while they participate in dance class and walk through the building. Students will be given outdoor mask free breaks as needed. With our youngest children- masks will be encouraged and practiced to the best of their abilities. Masks will be required 100% of the time. 


  • In the interest of implementing proper social distancing all class sizes will be limited. Social distancing will be taught, practiced, and enforced between 8 and 10 feet. Classes will fill quickly and will be first come, first served. 


  • Teachers will social distance at least 6 feet away from students outdoors and at least 8 feet away indoors and will not be using hands on teaching at this time.


  • Lobby, dressing rooms, and all common areas are closed (with the exception of small groups of students on breaks). Parent drop-off only. No parents or family members are allowed in the building. (Exceptions will be made for our new or timid students over the first couple of weeks but space in the lobby is very limited and we ask you to only stay for as long as it takes to get your child in their class and comfortable.)  Students will be dropped off and enter through the front door and will exit and be picked up through outdoor studio doors. A teacher or staff member will invite children into the building once proper cleaning has been done. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early. Although the front door will be open for ventilation purposes we ask that you wait to enter the building until a staff member has invited you in. If you are late for a class please bring your child to the outdoor studio door so the teacher can see them, open the door, and let them into class.


  • Lockers are unavailable for use until further notice.


  • Turning Pointe will maximize ventilation at all times possible. All windows and doors will remain open for cross ventilation and air flow. Fans and HEPA air purifiers will be on in each studio. HVAC systems have all been updated with high end HEPA filters.


  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at every entry and will be required upon entering the building, studios, or before using any supplies or equipment. 


  • Water dispensers will not be available. Students MUST bring their own water.


  • Students are not permitted to arrive early and must be picked-up on time. Pre-stretching and warming up must be done at home. 


  • Bathrooms are available for use. Students are encouraged to use the bathroom before coming to the studio. Students will be required to wash hands after bathroom use. Signage will be provided.


  • There will be 5-15 minutes between each lesson for staff to properly disinfect equipment, doorknobs, spray floors, and wash hands. No students are allowed in the studio during this time. This is why it is important for children to be picked up on time. Please do not walk into the lobby until you have been invited in by a staff member.


  • Any staff or student experiencing or displaying any symptoms of illness must not report to their lesson. Symptoms include cough, sore throat, unusual headache, unexplained muscle and/or joint pain, chills, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of sense of smell or taste. Should you have any of these symptoms we ask that you either quarantine for 14 days or get tested and return only with a negative Covid-19 result. If a family member is sick and awaiting Covid-19 test results we ask that all siblings stay home until the negative  results have been confirmed.


  • Any staff or student that had been knowingly exposed to or had close contact with someone that has Covid-19 must not report to the studio for 14 days. Close contact is defined by the CDC to have been in contact with someone for at least 15 minutes having been closer than 6 feet apart and without a mask. This means that even if you had a negative test result you still must wait 14 days to return to the studio from the day you were knowingly exposed to someone with Covid-19 at close contact. 


  • Should a student or staff member test positive with COVID-19 they will be required to quarantine for 14 days. Everyone in that person’s dance class or anyone that may have been in contact with the staff member or student will be contacted and advice and guidelines from the Health Department will be followed. To protect student/ staff member privacy, contacts are only informed that they may have been exposed to a student/staff member. They are not told the identity of the person who may have exposed them as per the CDC. 


  • Tuition is now due on the 20th of every month. You are paying for an average of 4 weeks at a time. Should Covid-19 affect classes we will resume on zoom for that month. No refunds or credits for that month will be issued but you are not obligated to pay for subsequent months. Depending on the situation it will be your decision if you would like to continue for the subsequent months. 


  •  The entire building will be thoroughly and properly disinfected on an hourly and daily basis with an EPA approved disinfectant.


  •  Floors will be marked with tape to help enforce 6-10 feet apart for teachers and students.


  • Supplies and equipment use will be minimized. When equipment is used it will be properly sanitized before and after use by staff. In most cases we will encourage all students to bring their own equipment. 


  • As per Massachusetts Mandatory Safety Standards, Turning Pointe will provide proper signage, establish proper protocols, provide masks for staff, and provide hand washing capabilities as well as proper sanitation supplies. Turning Pointe has established a plan for employees and trained them about social distancing and hygiene protocols.


  • Turning Pointe has completed the COVID-19 Control Plan template.


  • While students are enrolled in classes at Turning Pointe we expect them to make responsible choices in their daily lives for the health and safety of their dance peers as well as our overall community. We trust that they will wear a mask in public. We hope and trust that they limit social activity and avoid large group gatherings. We trust that they will practice good hygiene. We trust that our students will be honest and truthful when they are made aware of exposure to someone with COVID-19. We also hope that our dance families understand that Turning Pointe Dance Studio cannot control decisions made by students outside of the studio. In the event that Turning Pointe Faculty is made aware of poor choices being made the situation will be investigated thoroughly. If after investigation we believe that our students could be putting others at risk we will take the necessary precautions. It is important that our dance families can continue to trust that we are doing everything in our power to continue to dance and keep your children healthy. We understand that we all have varying opinions about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable but please know that as the Director of this program the safety and health of my students will come first and that is not up for debate.